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Be part of our 


Volunteer and make a difference

Volunteer with us and help animals in need and immerse yourself in a true 24/7 rescue center and their daily needs and tasks.

• Have the unique opportunity to work alongside sloths, ocelots, macaws, toucans, crocodiles and much more.

• Rehabilitate animals and release as many as possible back into the wild.

• Love the opportunity to work with experts, learn lots of animal cares and enjoy the experience in a beautiful environment 

Experience hands-on volunteering with sloths, baby parrots, owls, baby monkeys, and injured adult animals of all Costa Rican species!


This volunteer program is especially suitable for:

Over 18 years old, Individual, Couples, or Groups.  Families with younger kids are welcome too 

Minors will need to be accompanied by an adult throughout the experience 

The volunteer program includes: 

  • 3 meals per day   (Special diets are available, like Keto, Vegetarian or Vegan diets)

  • Shared bedroom with a Single size bed, with a private curtain for your privacy 

  • Locker to store any of your belongings 

  • Washing and dryer machine 

  • Security cameras on all the perimeters and common areas 24-7 

What are the daily tasks 

  • Animal feeding.

  • Cleaning enclosures.

  • Assisting animals in case of emergency.

  • Participate in efforts to rehabilitate and release animals.

  • Planting trees.

  • Assisting in giving tours of the sanctuary.

  • Maintenance of animal enclosures and property.

  • Constructing organic structures for the animals.

  • Participate in the environmental enrichment of all types of animals.

  • Providing water to animals.

  • Sanctuary maintenance.

  • Feeding baby animals.

  • And anything else that needs to be done! 

(Always safety first and nothing is done against your approval)

What would your day be like:

7:00am-8:30am – Wake up and breakfast 
8:30am-10:30am – Morning feeding of animals with supervision.
10:30am-12:00md – Daily tasks 
12:00md-1:00pm – Lunch, WiFi, and nap time!
1:00pm-3:00pm - Afternoon feeding of animals with supervision.

After the afternoon feeding, volunteers are free to do whatever they would like for the rest of the day! Dinner is ready by 6:00pm.

On weekends Tours will be organized for extra fee and we will help you get to know Costa Rica as we ticos do! 

This project offers you the opportunity to travel and volunteer at a beautiful wildlife rescue center. 


House EWA 

Only for long-term volunteers (1 week or more) 

Its a beautiful house located on the Shelter property, modern and brand new, it includes: 

  • Large loft like dining, kitchen and living room: with TV, couch to relax and large table

  • Bunk beds with curtains for privacy, intern light and electric plug for your phone. 

  • Storage lockers 

  • Bathroom with hot water 

  • Security cameras in all premises 

  • Volunteers must keep their areas free of plastic litter and respect the property of others.

  • WiFi is currently available in volunteer housing.



Participation Agreement with full explanation sent by email

It is essential that before making the decision to be part of our wildlife Volunteer program, you agree to follow the some rules. 

An example of them is:

  • No smoking inside or outside of Refugio Animal's property.

  • It is not allowed to enter the Shelter Animal 

  • Do not feed the animals (outside feeding time or without supervision of a keeper)

  • When taking pictures, the use of flash is prohibited.

  • The use of any type of ilegal drug is prohibited. 

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

  • Be respectful of the staff of the shelter (sexual harassment, racism, homophobia or xenophobia will not be tolerated).

  • Do not allow strangers (outsiders) to enter House EWA.

  • Only long pants are permitted to work at the shelter and the uniform shirt is mandatory 

  • Follow the safety rules according to the activity (gloves, helmet, eyeglasses, boots, pants).

  • Take care of EWA's property 

This rules, and some others, are created to ensure the animal safety and the volunteer safety too. It is essential that you understand the rules before deciding to be part of our volunteer program in Costa Rica with wild animals. We invite you to be part of the process of healing and rescuing the animals in need.   PLEASE contact us, by filling out the Volunteer Registration or contacting us by email or Whatsapp to send the complete Participation Agreement. 


However, not respecting the rules is interfering with our objective. It is essential to clarify that you will be part of a team of wildlife management specialists. Therefore, you will constantly interact with wild animals respectfully and ethically to create a benefit for the animal under the supervision of specialists.

What do you have to bring with you?


  • Closed shoes (sneakers or hiking shoes)

  • Natural insect repellent

  • Sunscreen.

  • Long pants (working pants).

  • Clothing that dries quickly.

  • Quick drying towel.

  • Beach items (if you wish to travel to the beach)

  • Many pairs of socks.

  • Reusable water bottle.

  • Disposable plastic gloves.

Optional items

  • Thin bed sheets (one pair is provided).

  • Long sleeves.

  • Rain jacket.

  • Books.

Costa Rica is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is home to more than 500,000 different species of animals, giving it the highest species density of any country in the world. With such a density, people live among nature and there are often unwanted encounters with wildlife, most of them do not end in the best way for the animals, and that is where our Rescue Center comes in, and as volunteer you do too. 

About the project

The sanctuary itself is located in Santa Ana, just 5 minutes from downtown Santa Ana and downtown Escazu. Located in the middle of a high mountain called Alto de las Palomas, we have planted more than 1000 trees and vegetation, creating a small green lung in the middle of the cities.


The shelter has more than 12 years of experience and more than 10.000 animals released and relocated back into nature since its beginning. Come and make a change with your work, while you enjoy of Costa Rica! 

Daily cost:  $55.00 usd 
One week minimum stay 

Steps to follow:

  1. Fill out the VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION in order to get in touch with our team

  2. Read and agree with the Release Form (we will send it to you by email and a signature will be needed when you arrive)

  3. Fill out the Participation Agreement and send it back to the email

  4. Schedule your volunteer dates to check availability by email or by Whatsapp +0506 8839-6995 

  5. Book your space with a one week deposit of the stay  (Payment Link sent to your email) 

  6. Airport pickup is available for a small fee

  7. Start to work and learn a lot, while you enjoy this experience

Volunteer Registration

Fill out this information 

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