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Volunteer with us,
and help make an impact...

The shelter receives up to 1.500 wild life animal cases per year, from animals that were found inside homes,  to animals that were electrocuted on public  electric lines.   

All this animals are treated according to their needs, sometimes it's veterinarian cares, other times is just relocating them in safe wild areas.  


Volunteers help us treat and care for this animals, we are located in Santa Ana, only 5 minutes from downtown San Jose.   We offer a beautiful Volunteer house, called Ewa, that means Hello in indigenous dialect Bribri.  The volunteer house is located inside the shelter property and offers safety and all meals included.   Check out more here:


All wildlife animals that are received at the Shelter, are intended to return to wildlife freedom, as soon as they are ready; but there are always some cases that will not be able to go back because it would mean death for them, so we give them the best care and spaces, where they can be happy and healthy, and become Ambassadors of Education through our guided tour. 

"The strongest conservation tool is ALWAYS to educate the next generations how to respect wildlife and the balance of nature"

Every day
9am - 4:30pm


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